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Power of Parents, It’s Your Influence

Parents can make a difference.

Being a parent is intensely rewarding, but also deeply challenging. Parents are constantly striving to keep their kids safe and healthy while helping them to grow into independent, well-adjust young adults.

Alcohol can seem so common and familiar that parents might forget how risky drinking is for young people. Alcohol kills more teens than all other illegal drugs combined.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving, MADD, "has created  a powerful new web resource where parents can find research-proven strategies for preventing underage drinking at home and in their community".  This handbook provides valuable information and resourses that will assist parents in developing stronger communication with their teens regarding the damaging affects of alcohol. By reading the Power of Parents, It's Your Influence and following the suggestions, this tool can substantially, assist in reducing the chances that your son or daughter will drink before the age of 21.

The handbook will provide a better understand of your teenager's way of thinking and identifying the changes that they are going through, effects of peer pressure, and how the teen brain works. You will read about different parenting styles and what research says about the likely behavior of kids when raised under these different styles. You will gain valuable advice on how to start the conversation with your teen about alcohol use, what you should and should not say, and how best to engage your kids so that they will listen. The focus of this handbook is on helping you develop strategies that can help a teen succeed.

You can request a copy of this free handbook at the MADD website’s Power Of Parent’s page.

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